Company Profile

Before venturing into the world of real estate, my journey was rich with diverse experiences that shaped my approach to business and life. As a mother first, my role imbued me with patience, understanding, and the ability to manage complex situations with grace. My managerial experience with the BWS national brand, honed my skills in leadership, customer service, and sparked an unexpected transition into real estate. A chance encounter with a Real Estate Principal who saw in me the potential I hadn’t yet realm, led me to this path. I was told I could “sell ice to Eskimos,” and after experiencing the joy of guiding people through one of their most significant life decisions, I was hooked.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the industry’s mettle, and where others saw challenges, I saw opportunity. In July 2020, I founded my own agency, rooted in integrity, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to my community. Our agency, co-operated with my daughter Isabel, thrives on providing exceptional service, underscored by our deep understanding of the intricate dance between buyers, sellers, and properties.

Experience and Skills

From successfully selling homes for client’s multiple times over to meticulously selecting and managing improvements for investment properties, my hands-on approach ensures minimal downtime for landlords and perfectly matched tenants for properties. This knack for creating harmony in the housing market has not only led to a portfolio of satisfied clients but has also woven a fabric of trust and reliability that extends throughout the community.

What Our Clients Say:

  • Isabel and I pride oursleves on the feedback we receive from those we’ve had the pleaseure of serving. “Isabel and Jo have provided us with fantastic support…We are very happy with the service and support from the ladies and would recommend them to anyone needing a great agent!” – Mel and Dave, landlords
  • “Joanne and Isabelle are amazing to have as a Real estate…would definitely recommend the Rowe team agency to anyone who is needing a good Real estate.” – A grateful tenant
  • “Joanne and Isabel have been an absolute delight to deal with…Look forward to working with them into the future!” – A buyer turned landlord with multiple properties