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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

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Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task, it can be difficult to know which areas to spend time and money on and it can be quite overwhelming when you have no idea where to even start; but by focusing on a few simple broken-down steps (and armed with a killer to-do list) you can do it!

By following these steps to preparing your home for sale, you will increase your chances of selling quicker and achieving a higher sold price.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This one goes without saying, people want to see that you have loved and taken pride in your home. Because if you can’t take the time to keep your home clean, what other areas have you avoided fixing? This just gives a buyer all sorts of ideas of poor maintenance and hygiene and that’s not good if you want them to fall in love with your home.
They say you have 30 seconds to make your best impressions on someone and your home is no different.
When rolling up the driveway buyers want to see an open, inviting and well kept home.
Focus on the things that a buyer will see, which are things that you likely no longer notice.
Fencing, gardens, footpaths, driveways, letterboxes and front entrances.
Fix broken fence posts/palings, repair cracks in footpaths and driveways and make sure your front entrance is brightly lit and inviting.
On the day of an open house, make sure your lawn is trimmed and the footpaths clear and swept.
I can’t stress how important it is to de-clutter your home before opening it up for potential buyers to view.
When a buyer walks into your master bedroom and sees a wardrobe bursting and spilling out at the seams, their first thought is ‘how am I going to fit all of my stuff into this tiny space’.
If they’re met with a sparsely filled wardrobe, that has available/open space they are capable of picturing their belongings inside it. They see possibilities instead of restrictions.
It’s long been said that if a buyer sees family photos they have the mindset that the home belongs to someone else. While there are people who can see past personal effects and picture themselves in your home, many can’t. So why take the risk.
Family photos, children’s artworks on the fridge, toothbrushes and personal hygiene items, medication with labels in bathroom cabinets (see Open House Go Bag)
It’s important when your home is on the market to be prepared for inspections with absolutely no notice. It’s not that people are rude or have no respect for your time. It’s that sometimes the best offers come from out-of-towners or people see your home and make an impulse decision.
In these instances it’s important to have a 15 minutes walk-through plan. A list of essential things you have to do to prepare your home for viewing in 15 minutes or less. (see Short Notice Inspection Plan)

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