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How to Plan for Late Notice Inspections

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It’s the bane of every sellers existence, the short notice walk-through. Most agents dread that call to a home owner (especially one with small children) asking if we can bring a potential buyer through ‘right now’.
It’s not that an agent has been disorganised or that a potential buyer has no respect for your time: it’s just that sometimes the buyer is from out or town, or quite literally drove past your home, spotted the sign and fell in love. These kinds of on-a-whim viewers can lead to the best offers on your home.

But what do you do to prepare the home that you live in, for a viewing when you have less than 30 minutes to get out of there?

Luckily with a bit of forward planning and these tips, you can be confident of showing your home at its best even with the shortest of notice.

  • Plan ahead
    If your home is in the market, assume that you will get late notice inspections. It’s best to plan for every possible scenario.
    When your home first enters the market do a deep clean, this makes daily cleaning much easier.
    De-cluttering to your bare essentials makes tidying up much faster too.
    We have had clients who have moved all non essential items, off season clothing, shoes, toys and sporting goods into storage to make life in an open house bareable. This is an excellent strategy.
    Make arrangements for your pets in case of short notice inspections. Ask if your outdoor dog can go next door for an hour if you have a walk through. Keep a travel cage handy and take your cats away with you.
    Make sure you make these arrangements ahead of time, then you won’t be stuck at the last moment.
  • Have a go bag
    Personal items that you use each day and need to remove (personal hygiene items, toothbrushes, medicine etc) can be easily stored in a basket or bag while your home is on the market.
    Put your entire dirty laundry basket in the boot of your car and take it with you.
  • Clean essentials each day
    Got a glass shower screen? Keep a squeegee in the shower and clean up as the last person showers each day. It only takes 45 seconds.
    Sweep the floor in main areas each day.
    Make sure that dishes are loaded into the dishwasher as you go. Keep the kitchen bench and tables clear.
    If you have kitty litter trays these should be cleaned each day, the smell is the first thing people notice when they walk in.
  • As you leave
    Open all curtains and windows (as long as your home is secure).
    Turn on the lights.
    Place a subtly scented candle on the kitchen bench.
    Grab the junk mail hanging out of your letterbox.
    Take any kitty litter trays and pet food bowls outside away from doorways (or in the garage is OK).

By preparing ahead of time, ensuring you have an action plan and having everything ready to prep your house in under 30 minutes – you can be confident, instead of terrified, when your agent calls asking to bring someone through with so little notice.

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