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How To Add Kerb Appeal in 8 Easy Steps

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Why is Kerb Appeal So Important?

First impressions count. We’ve all heard the saying, and the reason we’ve all heard it is because it’s true.
Those first 30 seconds when someone drives up to your home can either make them fall completely in love, or make them wonder how much work they will have to do to make their new home presentable to guests. Which feeling do you want potential buyers to get when they arrive at your home?

So how do we make the front of a home as appealing as possible (without breaking the bank?) just follow these easy steps to create a welcoming front-of-house and get more interest in your property.

Light it up

It’s important to ensure the front of your home is adequately lit. Allow more natural light in by clearing away unnecessary bulk of bushes and trees up high near your front door.
Use highly reflective colours on the ceiling of your porch to bounce more light in.
Upgrade your exterior lights – wall lights or a hanging feature light all look excellent surrounding a front door.

Put a number on it

Stop thinking of these things as just necessary, and start seeing them as an opportunity for decoration.
Create a feature out of your house numbers, perhaps even have a lettered (ie ‘number eleven’ ) sign made up to display along your front wall.
Choose a mailbox that compliments your home and it’s existing features. Make a statement!

Expert Landing

A plain porch with no decoration is almost as bad as a messy porch with old shoes and broken toys on it.
So decorate your porch tastefully. This is the first part of your home that people see up close.
Pot plants, hurricane lamps, a lovely bench seat, hanging pots with trailing plants, even wall art.
Create an inviting entrance that gives viewers a positive feeling before they even walk in the door.

Doors of opportunity

If you can afford to, put in a new front door with shiny new hardware. Choose a beautiful colour, sharp gloss black, or a soft pastel pop of colour.
If you can’t spread the budget to a brand new door then strip and paint the existing door and give it a shiny new handle.
Make sure your front door is sturdy and secure and opens easily with no ‘I just need to jiggle the key the right way’ vibes. This is the first moving part of your home a buyer sees. Let them know your home is well built and maintained.

Drive them wild

Make sure when your buyers drive up they drive onto a crack-free, tidy driveway. Pull up any weeds that have crept up between cracks or bricks. Fill cracks and make sure the concrete has been pressure washed.
If there’s an oil stain, even though you’re oblivious to it, it’s the first thing someone new sees when they drive up.

Your path to success

While you’re pressure washing the driveway, do the paths as well. Having a clear and tidy path to, the front door is the thing the buyers search for when they first hop out of their car.
Ensure there’s no branches overhanging the footpath and that you don’t have to walk through mud or dirt to get to the door.

The grass is always greener

People love to see a lawn of luscious green grass and garden beds that have healthy plants in them.
Choose a drought hardy grass breed and keep it trimmed and edged. If you’re on water restrictions put buckets in the bottom of the shower and water with that when you need to.
Choose drought hardy plants like agave and other succulents. Bonus points for them also being low maintenance.
And mulch that garden bed. Mulching retains more moisture in the soil, making your water go further.

Hit the deck

If you have a home in Australia from the middle of last century, there’s a good chance it came with a concrete front porch. They’re a lovely cool spot to enjoy a cuppa and that appeal should be maximised for viewers. Old peeling porch paint is not a-peeling (see what I did there). Strip the old paint off and apply a new coat of concrete/porch paint.
With a fresh coat of paint and a lovely chair, the space becomes another area in your home for potential buyers to see themselves utilising.


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